The Team

The Director


Family First before anything! I pride myself on being the most efficient person I can be within my business. Music is something that has been in my family for a as long I can think of. My father, owner of “The DJ Booth”, aided to my discovery of what music I love and what technique’s work best within the industry. 

Its Just Music was not born overnight; months of preparation and diligence allowed for my team to prosper in ways that we could not believe. We provide a platform for artist to display ALL creative sides. Not all artist have the same thought process on creating art, some have a different approach or process, and that’s where Its Just Music can help you benefit. 

- Rob



Since middle school I have had and displayed a passion for music and all arts surrounding it. In 2019 my team and I came up with a plan to stop relying on others and to make it happen ourselves. 

Now we plan to use our knowledge to help develop other artist and to help build an Entertainment company they'll never forget 

- LJ

Vice President


Was up to the Cosmos, my name E most know me by Ehvinchi my stage name. I'm not just a singer, rapper, songwriter or entertainer; im a Creator in every facet. I use my life experiences and my creative thoughts to paint my melodies on the minds and hearts of all whom listen. Watch me paint to Its Just Music.

The Label

Since the early stages of Middle School Lj and myself created "Its Just Music" started off as a add lib and turned into a Label. Two city kids who moved to Port came together to create the start of an empire. Since then, the push to bulid our dream into actual reality is finaly here! Tune into the sounds of "Its Just Music" and let the energy from our words flow within you.


About IJM



Our Founder and CEO (LJ) Started Out 2019 With a Plan Of Taking His Passion of Music, Combined With Our Director‘s (Rob) Management, and Our Vice President (Ehvinchi) Guidance To Build An Artist Friendly Label. 



Our Goal is To Help Put Our Artist In The Best Environment For Creativity, Teach The Business of Music, and Help Further Their Careers.